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Friday, December 14, 2012

Clackamas Town Center Shooting HOAX: Jacob Taylor Roberts is son of of Joan Kaplan a.k.a. Morning Mayan the Alex Jones Show... Revealed and Exposed!

2 hours ago 

The latest school HOAX Shooting is an attempt to divert your attention away from the identification of the shooter in the mall event. The shooter was the son of Joan Kaplan (aka Morning Mayan on alex Jones show) he also played the role of the little brother to the fake Christiana Taylor Green (giffords HOAX shooting) she in real life is Samantha Sexton the daughter of Jennifer (Greenberg) Sexto
n) and he is Samanthas cousin.

You can see the photos of this kid because he was just in the movie "The Child" He brought this on himself due to he is also the person on Twitter that Attacked me yesterday causing me to take a close look at him

Brandan Lasley @brandantl
@dallasgoldbug @washcoscanner ears/location, eye brows and facial impressions don't match. Derp
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12:04 PM - 12 Dec 12 · Details

Ed Chiarini I've tried that until I found out who big sis was and their role in all of this. Just like the FB Jacob Michael Greenberg (AKA Mark Zuckerberg the cousin of Brett and Samantha as well as this little fool (the mall shooter) and the SEC now being run be a family member. So you can kiss goodbye any accountability for them. Add on their other relative running the FTC Scott Baio and you see once again no accountability for all the insider trading they are getting away with.

Ed Chiarini @James Warren Bennett it's really not crazy, when you see the whole picture of this family, and all the other events they are responsible for. It's expected that they are keeping it all in the family because if you cant trust family who can you trust. This is their big problem since I ripped the lid off of pandoras box. They are all caught because of the photographs showing them all together being related. Its so bad for them, that you see how desperate they are at infiltrating my FB account and spamming the YT videos. IF I WAS WRONG ABOUT THIS YOU UNDERSTAND THEIR ENTIRE FAMILY IS MADE UP OF HIGH LEVEL LAWYERS, AND THEY HAVE THE FUNDS TO DESTROY ME. BUT DO YOU SEE THEM DOING IT? NO BECAUSE THEY CAN'T. THEY ARE CAUGHT. So it become like shooting fish in a barrel when you are armed with the 5000+ photos I posted of them.


Anonymous said...

What the fuck is this shit

Brandan Lasley said...

Here ya go, you caught me


Anonymous said...

Does anybody think it will get to the point where somebody who has had it with our corrupt government and has the resources with nothing to lose decides to go on an assassination spree? In which government officials vanish one by one?

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