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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Gregg Braden is Giorgio A. Tsoukalos EXPOSED!

OH, THE HORROR..witz. I wonder if they feel the frequency of love I have for them? Booyah Corky Ballas Boooyah!

Ed Chiarini 
NO! Look we are all adults here, the reason why we are in this big mess is because of the over PC mentality that has truly pussafied this nation. Yes they are Jews and if anyone is offended by the calling out of the obvious then they themselves must reevaluate their thinking. With that said, there are bad in all demographics. So to blanket statement a entire section of people is equally as ignorant as these actors are. 

And I don't want to hear all the crap about what type of Jew and they aren't real jews blah blah blah. Just because they are Jewish doesn't make them bad, its bad parents that make them bad, and the need for a stiff attitude adjustment. You have all heard me many times on the radio say As long as you obey the #1 rule, and that is do unto others... then I care not who sits at the top of your totem pole. So as long as you are sticking to rule #1 your cool in my book.

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Paul Weasel Hauter why is the whole world a phoney to you. if you want there power like you obviously do then earn it like they did. im about to delete you because your redicilous post are really getting to me.. hopefully you can spot someone who looks like me and make a picture of me being phoney.. you talk about messing with the photos and thats all you do.
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Anonymous said...

First of all the show is just interesting to watch! Just makes you wonder about connections with cultures in ancient times! There is no great conspriacy denouncing God or faith! I watch the show and I'm catholic! I don't think I'm going to burn in hell!

Music is poetry set in motion! I love rock and roll, listening to the words and poetry behind ideas! Closed mindedness really alienates people you lose the opportunity to have a good life as a human! God intended people to think for themselves but enjoy a good existence! To think, explore new possibilities! What happens if mr. Grigorio is right about the aliens?

Anonymous said...

I agree.. The hair had me at hello

Renee said...

If ever I meet Giorgio I will eat his face yummm

Anonymous said...

Patricia October 8, 2013
Love the show. his voice holds my interest during the whole show. I NEVER MISS HIS SHOWS! !

Anonymous said...

You want us to accept this as true.
I am not stupid,they are two different men.

JP said...

Did aliens do his hair?

{~*88*~} said...

You may as well know that.. yes-- indeed it is true: Giorgio A. Tsoukalos is the reincarnation of Willhelm Reich. Psst--keep it on the dl, he doesn't think anyone can tell.

Anonymous said...

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, I enjoy your show and something’s are a long stretch to get the information out. But I do like the information that covers the areas that you are showing of the day. The only thing that makes the show to be a joke is your hairstyle. Please stop pulling your hair outward. You have so much to offer and the sight of your hair makes me lose my thought and stops me from taking some information to fact to fiction. Please stops looking like a clown and then I would bet the people watching would start taking you as fact not fiction. First impression is the most important time to sell or educate the audience so look like a professional and educator with the mind of a master. Please do not stop your show because I find some of your information to be outstanding for study. I had a friend that works in your field. He has one leg and the other was shot off at the knee while working on swat training in the state of Idaho (his name slip away while I was writing this noted letter. Thank you Dana Cummings

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